The Multi V™ commercial air conditioners use a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat recovery system that makes it possible to operate cooling and heating simultaneously using only one outdoor unit, serving both cost and energy-efficiency needs. The inverter VRF systems use both a variable-speed inverter compressor and constant-speed compressor. According to the manufacturer, instead of shutting off once the desired temperature is reached, the inverter compressor continues to operate at a low speed to maintain that temperature, resulting in quieter operation and greater energy efficiency when compared to conventional models that cycle on and off. The constant-speed compressor is utilized only when the overall capacity of the system needs to be increased. The outdoor units incorporate a modular design. The series offers Btu levels ranging from 38,000 to 192,000. The series features a broad range of indoor unit options, including the Art Cool picture frame system, standard wall mounted, ceiling cassette, ceiling concealed duct, ceiling suspended, and floor-standing models. Other features include total piping lengths over 3,000 feet, branch-to-branch piping up to 295 feet, automatic system refrigerant leak monitoring, automatic refrigerant charging, as well as compatibility to BACnet™ and LonWorks® building network systems.

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