The Rave’s desiccant impregnated wheel allows homeowners to remove moisture in the summer or add humidity in the winter.

CARROLLTON, Texas - In an effort to assist the homeowner in achieving optimal healthy and comfortable air, RSI Rooftop Systems Inc., Carrollton, Texas, has introduced the Rave, a residential energy recovery ventilation (ERV) unit.

According to the company, not only is it more than 80 percent effective, but it also humidifies or dehumidifies a house at the desire of the homeowner. The product uses patented wheel technology that rotates between incoming and outgoing air streams to pump out stale air and pump in fresh air while capturing up to 80 percent of the energy within the exhaust.

In the winter the Rave pre-heats, and in the summer it pre-cools, incoming fresh air while removing harmful contaminants such as chemicals, radon, odors, formaldehyde, viruses, and bacteria that build up naturally in homes.

The desiccant-impregnated wheel also allows homeowners to remove moisture in the summer or add humidity in the winter. An advanced frost-control system ensures the Rave will work efficiently even during subzero days.

Contractors are able to attach the unit to a new or existing home’s heating and cooling system. Standard pleated filters, that can remove airborne particles as small as 5 microns, are housed in channels for easy access. The Rave is self-monitoring and an indicator on its optional control panel lights up when a clean filter is required. The optional remote control looks like a thermostat and mounts to a wall. It allows users to switch the unit on and off, or place it in economizer mode and adjust wheel speeds.

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Publication date:08/11/2008