BELOIT, Wis. - GE ECM by Regal Beloit has announced the launch of Evergreen™ IM, what the company says is the world’s first universal ECM aftermarket motor for residential heating and cooling applications. Using up to 74 percent fewer watts than a standard indoor blower motor, Evergreen IM is said to instantly upgrade the efficiency of most central heating and cooling equipment.

“It is very exciting to provide this energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality solution to the homeowner,” said Preston Davis-Robinson, GE ECM by Regal Beloit aftermarket leader. “Previously, the only option for consumers who wanted more energy-efficient HVAC in their homes was to purchase a complete new ECM system. Evergreen IM gives homeowners the ability to simply replace their inefficient PSC motor with a high-efficiency ECM model.”

According to the company, Evergreen IM is made with the same field-proven, high-efficiency ECM technology that has been used for more than 20 years in new HVAC equipment. It is the first ECM motor developed exclusively for aftermarket replacement applications, and also features a patented rotation detection technology that automatically matches the HVAC system’s fan rotation. In addition, Evergreen IM’s dual voltage capabilities and multiple speed/horsepower profile combinations make it a retrofit solution for most HVAC applications, says the company.

Regal Beloit is a leading manufacturer of mechanical and electrical motion control and power generation products serving markets throughout the world. For more information on the Evergreen IM, visit

Publication date:09/22/2008