The Mr. Slim Hyper-Heating Inverter Outdoor Unit, Mr. Slim PUZ-HA36NHA, is a patent-pending flash technology that allows the Mr. Slim P-Series H2i outdoor units to operate at 100 percent of rated heating capacity at 5°F. The flash process cools the compressor, which allows for higher compressor speeds at lower temperatures without overheating. This process also increases the mass flow rate in the system to provide unique heating performance at low temperatures. In addition, the Mr. Slim H2i P-Series outdoor heat pump has a 36,000 Btuh cooling capacity and 38,000 Btuh heating capacity. The outdoor unit connects to either the P-Series wall-mounted or ceiling-recessed cassette indoor units. The PUZ-HA36NHA unit operates at 51 dBa in cooling and 55 dBa in heating. The unit has an optional wind baffle, that allows H2i to air condition down to 0°F outdoor ambient. Three polarity-sensitive wires plus ground conductor run from outdoor to indoor unit providing power and communication. Adapter is available to connect to the M-NET and CITY MULTI Controls Network (CMCN) plus system control via BMS.

Mitsubishi Electric HVAC
Advanced Products Division