The enhanced MX and BC/BV Series hot-water heat air handlers are easily compatible with all types of hot-water heat applications, including in-home water heaters and boiler systems. Measuring 20.5 inches deep, the MX Series matches most evaporator coils, including the HD Series, and can be installed in upflow, downflow, or horizontal configurations. Enhanced grommets create a tighter, more secure fit with any configuration. It is available with electric or hot water heat, and can be used as a stand-alone electric furnace. Installation features include a four-screw access panel and slide-out blower assembly, making installing the air handler a one-person job. The enhanced BC/BV Series is a stand-alone air handler offering a factory-installed evaporator coil that is compatible with many outdoor condensing units. The BC/BV is available with hot-water or electric heat, variable-speed motor options (BV model only), and comes standard with a fiberglass air filter. Its magnetic filter rack door creates a tight seal for less air leakage and makes filter replacement easy, accepting standard-size filters purchased from most hardware stores. Both the MX and BC/BV Series come standard with an easy-to-read, plug-and-play, multifunction control board. The control board includes thermostat connections, freeze protection, isolation valve control compatibility, auxiliary contacts for water heater or boiler activation, and a pump timer that periodically circulates water in the hot-water coil. An optional factory-installed pump can be added to either air handler. Both the MX and BC/BV Series are R-22 and R-410A compatible.

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