With the 2010 refrigerant phaseout deadline approaching, contractors are searching for the new alternatives that will make the transition a smooth one. Manufacturers have responded with many products that are not only compliant with new legislation, but yield other benefits specifically for contractors and consumers.The NEWS’fifth annual Dealer Design Awards’ Refrigeration & Ice Machines category winners are: Hoshizaki America Inc.’s self-contained DT-400BAH-OS, Heatcraft Refrigeration Products’ Mohave™ Advanced Hot Gas Defrost System, and Heatcraft Refrigeration Products’ PRO3 Side Mount Packaged Refrigeration System.

GOLD: Hoshizaki America Inc.’s self-contained DT-400BAH-OS is a sanitary cubelet ice machine and water dispenser that contains a LED remote sensor for hands free operation.


Hoshizaki America Inc.’s self-contained DT-400BAH-OS is a sanitary cubelet ice machine and water dispenser. The unit’s evaporator design is constructed with an all stainless steel auger and hardened bearing surface for dependability.

It contains an LED remote sensor for hands-free operation. Measuring 21w x 22.5d x 72.5h, and standing on 6-inch legs, the one-piece design was constructed to save space and allow front-in and rear-out airflow. This provides for the unit to be located in narrow spaces in applications such as health care facilities, and non-commercial segments such as corporate and education environments as well as the food service industry.

Maintenance and service are also made easier with a removable lower front panel that provides access to service the refrigeration circuit. The DT-400 produces up to 409 lbs. of ice within 24 hours with 40 lbs. of built-in storage.

To prohibit bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms, the unit contains HoshiGuard Antimicrobial Agent in the ice-making zone and Cleancycle12 design performs a 15-minute purge every 12 hours to rid impurities and produce pure, clean, chewable ice.

“Good job on addressing disease control,” praised one contractor judge. “This product will help establish a new awareness in ice production.”

Another judge was impressed with the space saving design, calling it “a big plus.”

According to the company, water-friendly, carbon graphite bearings contribute to the dependability of the unit and create a longer life span. These bearings require no food quality grease for periodical lubrication.

SILVER: Heatcraft Refrigeration Products’ Mohave™ Advanced Hot Gas Defrost System is available in 6-40 HP and as medium or low temperature models.


Heatcraft Refrigeration Products’ Mohave™ Advanced Hot Gas Defrost System is a complete system that includes an evaporator, condensing unit, and controller with factory-mounted components on the evaporator and condensing unit. The evaporator’s standard features include a mounted expansion valve and distributor nozzle, mounted check valves, mounted liquid line solenoid, and suction P-trap.

Standard features of the condensing unit include receivers sized for sufficient pump down capacity with inlet and outlet service valves, suction and discharge vibration eliminators, replaceable liquid line filter drier, replaceable suction line filter and suction accumulator. Available in 6-40 HP and as medium or low temperature models, a hot gas or electric drain pan is optional.

The Mohave uses a dedicated electronic controller to finely tune and optimize the hot gas defrost cycle. It is designed for simplicity and optimal performance in agricultural, process cooling, cold storage, and warehouse applications.

With Mohave, contractors save time on the jobsite because all components are factory-installed. The unit is then wired when it arrives for installation.

The wiring process is also eased with features such as point-to-point wiring to the controller, factory-programmed settings, and a special evacuation mode that opens all necessary valves to ensure a complete vacuum. All of these design components help cut down on installation time.

On the maintenance side, the unit does not require the use of water tanks, therefore eliminating the associated required maintenance. The potential for refrigerant leaks is reduced by the floating tube condenser design. Also, there are no valves or timers requiring seasonal adjustment.

When service is needed on the unit, it is equipped for quick and easy troubleshooting. It features a service mode in which the technician can manually operate outputs, test the operation of every relay in the system, and see its status and diagnostics of the unit with LED indicators. It also allows the system to be pumped down and shut off for service. In addition, the technician will benefit from basic and expert menus on the control board for custom set point adjustments.

BRONZE: Heatcraft Refrigeration Products’ The PRO3 Side Mount is a packaged refrigeration system that is fully assembled, quality tested, and refrigerant is pre-charged at the factory.


Heatcraft Refrigeration Products’ The PRO3 Side Mount is a packaged refrigeration system consisting of both a condensing unit and evaporator combined into one. Designed for foodservice kitchens, convenience stores, and other small- to medium-sized applications that require maximum airflow to pull down the temperature of beverages or foods, it comes with pre-programmed settings allowing it to be up and running in a walk-in cooler or freezer in about two hours.

The system is fully assembled, quality-tested, and refrigerant is pre-charged at the factory. The 2.5 HP system uses R-404A, assuming 100 ft. refrigerant line run. According to the company, only about 10 percent of the refrigerant used in a typical split system is required for the PRO3.

Service technicians can easily access the unit through removable side panels on the evaporator and a removable access panel on the condensing section.

It comes standard with energy-efficient PSC motors throughout the unit or an EC motor is an available option for the evaporator portion. Additionally, the design of the unit cooler section allows the PRO3 Side Mount to offer higher pull down capacities typically found only in split systems.

Designing with installers in mind, Heatcraft eliminated the need to cut through the roof membrane, which saves installation time and optimizes the system for outdoor use as well. One judge pointed out that “the fact that no roof penetration is required provides one less building concern for the occupants and owners.” He liked the product and also noted that there was a solid market for it.

Honorees: Refrigeration & Ice Machines

Hoshizaki America Inc.

Heatcraft Refrigeration Products
Mohave - The Advanced Hot Gas Defrost System

Heatcraft Refrigeration Products
PRO3 Side Mount Packaged Refrigeration System

Publication Date:07/14/2008