The SmartZone + family of zoning controls is designed for residential and commercial applications. The zone controllers, dampers, thermostats, and accessories work together to create a custom control solution for any installation. The zoned system consists of more than one thermostat, connected to a control panel, which operates a number of dampers in the HVAC system. Specific areas in any space have different heat and cool requirements, plus the change in design features for both residential and commercial applications make it impossible to control temperature variations. The zoned system distributes conditioned air to the various parts of the space as needed, eliminating hot and cold spots, enhancing comfort regardless of the size, type, or design of the space. Features include electronic limit control, automatic changeover, and integrated fresh air controller, outdoor temperature sensor, and humidification and dehumidification control. The controller has built-in protection to assist in safeguarding equipment, reducing run time and possible service calls.

XCI Controls