The Humiditrol® dehumidification system is a field-installed accessory for air conditioner and heat pump split systems that is an easy-to-use, energy-efficient solution for supplemental humidity removal. The system activates its dehumidification cycles based on humidity levels, not temperature. It shifts the air conditioner’s ratio to focus on dehumidification with cooling secondary in times when additional cooling is not needed but dehumidification is. This allows the split air conditioner system to run and efficiently continue to dehumidify without wastefully overcooling the space.

The system was designed for fast and easy installation, reducing field labor hours. The system has a unitary design that allows it to be simply integrated with a Lennox split air conditioner or heat pump split system. The compact and integrated design installs into ducts with no additional line sets or external controls that need to be added or maintained. It operates from a 24v power supply supplied by the Lennox thermostat and requires no additional ductwork, control boards, or sensors for operation or service.

Lennox Industries Inc.