The RITE family product line is a complete group of stand-alone true digital controllers for commercial refrigeration equipment. According to the manufacturer, RITE products replace the leak-prone, inaccurate, and energy wasteful old-style refrigerant mechanical capillary and bellows pressure switches, snap-acting/capillary mechanical temperature switches, and all mechanical as well as most electronic defrost clocks. PressuRITE™ controls commercial refrigeration units as a low-pressure, high-pressure, or oil pressure limit controller in any combination of the three. TimeRITE™ is a digital defrost controller and has clock-calendar capability to allow hard programming of institutional vacation and off-time schedules. TempRITE™ provides digital temperature control with temperature sensor input capability for use in walk-in coolers and freezers, or any temperature-control application where improved accuracy and energy savings is important. ControlRITE™ combines the features and benefits of PressuRITE™ and TimeRITE™ into one product, giving single-control, multiple function capability for larger refrigeration equipment. All RITE products have multivoltage capability, high current-carrying capacity, and are CSA-approved. All products also come with built-in networking capability for use in linking multiple systems together through the WorkRITE AnyWhere™ Web-based PC interface.

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