The Bluetooth RS485 interface allows for wireless communication between EC fan motors on the ebmBUS and a Bluetooth-capable PDA that is running Fan Control software. The interface allows users to wirelessly communicate with EC motors that are connected to each other by twisted pair wires on the ebmBUS. Users can utilize a readily available Bluetooth-capable PDA that has Windows Mobile 5.0 to run the software to communicate with EC motors. Together with the Bluetooth interface, contractors or service technicians can wirelessly communicate from up to 30 feet away with up to 31 fan motors that are connected by twisted pair wire in order to program, monitor, or troubleshoot the installed EC motors. The Bluetooth interface is powered directly from the EC motors’ 20-vdc output pin; there is no replacement batteries to worry about. It connects directly to the fan motors two-pin serial interface for communication with the initial motor and any other motors on the ebmBUS.

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