BizBriefings.Com has launched a new service designed to help busy people receive what it calls a weekly dose of “concentrated business information.”

Subscribers to the service are sent an eight-page executive summary of a different business book each week. The summary is designed to encapsulate the key ideas from the book without filler and other information.

“Numerous studies have shown many people get frustrated by all the waffle and extraneous material they have to read to get useful ideas from a business book,” said Chris Belbin, manager of BizBriefings.Com. “Subscribers to our service will be exposed to the thinking of 52 different business authors each year in a time-saving and concise format.

“There are already a number of paid summary subscription services in the marketplace so we have decided to offer our service for free as a way to differentiate ourselves. It’s also our contribution to the wider business community. We believe everyone will benefit by having access to superb executive summaries of some great business books.

“We will also be offering our subscribers the option to purchase additional packages of summaries for limited times. There is no requirement however to purchase these packages although we hope many people will find the add-on packages appealing.”

To subscribe to receive a free summary of a different business book each week, visit

Publication date:05/05/2008