ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. - State Water Heaters has awarded Angel Espericueta, a South Texas College student, with an academic scholarship to continue studies in the HVAC & Plumbing associate degree program. The scholarship was awarded as part of the company’s Hispanic outreach efforts and provides Espericueta with tuition and book assistance.

“On behalf of State Water Heaters, we are delighted to award Angel Espericueta with this scholarship,” said State Brand Manager Jeff Storie. “We believe in being a good partner with our friends both in the field as well as those who are preparing to be in the field.

“The HVAC & Plumbing Trades program at South Texas College is a solid one, and we want to support students who seek a career in this area,” Storie continued. “Contractors and technicians are critical to ensuring our water heater products are installed correctly in homes and businesses across the country, and we want to help provide students with proper training.”

With the help of South Texas College administrators, State identified Espericueta as the scholarship recipient based on prior academic success and his dedicated interest in the HVAC & Plumbing Trade.

Espericueta was delighted to be the first recipient of a Hispanic student-aimed scholarship from State. “I jumped with joy when I heard the news about the scholarship, knowing that I am one step closer to graduating,” said Espericueta. State plans to offer an annual scholarship to a student in the trades.

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Publication date:04/28/2008