The DM-II Plus Power Quality Recorder is a kit with PC download capabilities that records a broad spectrum of power quality parameters. The recorder measures AC current up to 1,000 A with standard current transducers of up to 3,000 A with optional flexible current transducers; AC voltage; active, reactive, and apparent power; energy; peak demand; and power factor. All measurements are true RMS. The unit can measure harmonics and voltage anomalies (sags and surges). It offers data storage memory and a large, easy-to-read display. Readings and charts can be viewed on the recorder’s LCD screen or downloaded to a PC using Microsoft Windows-compatible software that is included in the kit. The recorder comes with an external 12-vdc power supply, three 1,000-A current transducers, four cables and alligators for voltage measurement, a serial cable, and a software CD with the Download Suite software that supports the company’s entire range of products with download capabilities.

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