The InfraStruXure InRow RC in-row computer room air conditioner is designed for installations from small computer rooms to large data centers. Deployed to both sides of a rack enclosure, the unit can predictably deliver up to 60kW of cooling per rack of IT equipment or up to 30kW per rack with full redundancy. According to the manufacturer, the operation of the InRow RC maximizes performance by capturing the heat at the source. This chilled-water unit is one-half the width of a standard IT rack (300 mm) and offers hot swappable, variable-speed fans to improve availability and save energy. The air conditioner also offers network manageability through integration with the InfraStruXure Manager. Fan speed is controlled based on the demand to reduce energy consumption during off-peak cooling periods. Heat rejection for the unit can be handled through an existing chilled-water system or one of the manufacturer’s supplied chillers.

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