VALLEY FORGE, Pa. - CertainTeed Corp. introduced Commercial Building Science Concepts and Practices, a self-study workshop DVD for builders, architects, designers, engineers, and contractors.

The DVD illustrates how natural forces affect a building and outline strategies for achieving energy-efficient buildings; identifying trouble spots in construction; and planning for safety, comfort, and convenience.

It contains seven learning modules: Introduction to Commercial Building Science; Thermal Control in Building Envelopes; Air Barriers; Moisture Management; Understanding Acoustics and Sound Control; Building for Fire Safety; Creating Comfortable Environments; and Green Building Through Sustainable Design. It includes 265 photographs, tables, schematics, diagrams, graphs, animations, and cutaway views to explain the issue of commercial building science.

“This tool is helpful for both newcomers to the industry and people who have been involved with commercial building for years,” said Stan Gatland, manager of Building Science Technology for CertainTeed Corp. “With the growing importance of green construction, it’s vital for today’s building professionals to learn ways to help commercial buildings save energy and become more sustainable, such as addressing ways to minimize their carbon footprint on the environment. Our DVD gives plenty of valuable instructions on that area.”

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Publication date:10/22/2007