In the coming months, five more special supplements toThe NEWSwill be published that delve further into the worlds of conservation and comfort. Here is a sneak peak at some of what you can expect.

Supplement #2: Energy Conservation


Contractors do have an answer for skyrocketing energy costs - energy conservation.

Selling strategies and tools for marketing high efficiency systems including high-SEER condensing units, 90-plus AFUE furnaces, and new technologies that drastically cut energy costs are how smart contractors are setting themselves up for success.

In the second of this series, you will get a look at proven technologies that help consumers cut their energy consumption and expand a contractor’s business. It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel in order to be successful; many of the products you offer today are among the best possible options for homeowners interested in conserving energy and saving dollars.

Learn the latest technologies from products to software that help to run your business more efficiently and provide the ultimate in efficiency to your customers.

Supplement #3: Going Green


Green products and sustainable green construction are all the rage as contractors look for ways not only to offer green products and services, but to truly be green, and to profit from it as well. Whether you have already made the commitment to the green movement or you are still searching for the green position that is right for you, you will want to keep up with the products and technologies that customers are inquiring about today.

The third in this series will highlight high-efficiency products such as dual-fuel systems, geothermal and radiant products, and alternative technologies such as biomass, sun chillers, and the renewed interest in solar heating.

Part of the product review will include an informative snapshot of some of the most interesting technologies that we could find. You will not only learn about the products, but hear from a contractor who is successfully navigating the green wave, and doing so with some very unique product applications.

The Austin Energy Program is a well-recognized model for the entire United States. Strand Brothers, an HVAC contractor in Austin, Texas, has positioned itself as the largest air conditioning, heating, and energy services contractor in central Texas - in other words, a green contractor if there ever was one, even if they don’t necessarily refer to themselves as green. Learn how they do it.

In addition, this issue will provide you with information about various residential green certification programs such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Homes (LEED-H), Energy Star, and any local or state programs that have been recently adopted.

Supplement #4: Home Comfort Still No. 1


If you help customers get what they want, your company ultimately gets what it wants. When presented with choices for true comfort in the home, the result is always a more satisfied customer. And even better, the cheap price doesn’t always win out in the end; with a better comfort solution, the customer wins and so does the contractor.

Consumer research shows that homeowners want their HVAC systems to do more than ever before. Zoning, temperature control, humidity control, and better IAQ are all sought-after features in new home construction. A successful residential new construction contractor will share his ideas for selling comfort instead of boxes. Part of that equation includes IAQ products because an increasing percentage of new home buyers are asking about humidity control and air filtration. New home builders have often been guilty of not wanting to expose a home buyer on a budget with an opportunity to add on more HVAC accessories. But, times they are changing.

However, getting a foot in the door and getting your accessory products into the design center can sometimes take a considerable amount of time and patience. Hear how one new construction contractor gains the confidence of new home builders.

Supplement #5: Indoor Environmental Control


Savvy contractors are stepping up as comfort specialists in a world of sick buildings. The Environmental Protection Agency studies indicate that indoor air levels of many pollutants may be two to five times, and on occasion, more than 100 times higher than outdoor levels.

This is of particular concern because it is estimated that most people spend as much as 90 percent of their time indoors. Still, most homeowners don’t know about the solutions that HVAC contractors can provide. Learn how to inform homeowners about indoor environmental control, and turn health and wellness issues into a profitable business endeavor.

IAQ monitoring is one of the relatively newer technologies available to contractors as they provide customers with better information with which to make decisions. How accurate can this testing be, and how can contractors use test results to offer the best IAQ solutions to customers?

You will hear from a contractor who has provided in-home air monitoring, and has found a tremendous advantage as he strives to be a trusted resource for his customers.

Supplement #6: Refrigerants to the Rescue


Concerns for global warming and discussions of carbon footprints are making newspaper headlines, and people who are in the market for heating and air conditioning solutions have begun to ask about environmental impact.

Contractors have practical answers for conservation. Those who understand the alternatives to HCFC refrigerants are in greater demand today, as concerned consumers want to be assured that they are being good stewards of the environment.

Currently, the most widely accepted alternative refrigerant substitute for R-22 is R-410A. Unfortunately, according to DuPont and other refrigerant manufacturers, the current adoption rate of R-410A is slower than had been hoped. This means that as the Montreal Protocol has accelerated the pace of the HCFC phaseout, the price of R-22 will be escalating; perhaps sooner than later.

Now is the perfect time for contractors to begin taking steps to ensure they are ready for the phaseout. Consumers will continue to hear rumors about R-410A from uninformed contractors, and try to educate themselves through sources like the Internet. You can not only position yourself as a primary information resource for your customers, you can be a leading company for preserving the environment.

In this issue you will read about a successful contractor who has moved his company to only selling equipment with new refrigerant. Also, you will see products for managing, reclaiming, and recycling refrigerants.

Publication date:02/25/2008