MILWAUKEE - Cleaver-Brooks, a leading manufacturer of boilers and boiler components, announced that it has donated two Clearfire Series boilers to Milwaukee Area Technical College’s (MATC’s) Center for Energy Conservation & Advanced Manufacturing (ECAM) at the Oak Creek, Wis., campus.

The boilers, estimated to be worth a combined $70,000, will be used by those participating in ECAM’s Power Engineering and HVAC Service Programs, and the Steam Fitter and Pipe Fitter Apprenticeship Programs. ECAM was designed to serve as a model for energy efficiency and manufacturing resource technologies for students, workers, and business. ECAM provides customer-driven services through strategic partnerships with business and education to enhance global competitiveness.

The Clearfire boilers achieve in excess of 80 percent efficiency rates, and were designed with flexibility in mind with the ability to run on either natural gas or propane.

“Cleaver-Brooks is committed to reducing our dependence on the world’s depleting energy resources and lessening our impact on the environment,” said Welch Goggins, president and chief executive officer of Cleaver-Brooks. “It’s important that students train and learn on the best equipment so they can take that knowledge and apply it in facilities once they graduate.”

“This donation allows us to do training we couldn’t do in the past,” said Nick Triscari, MATC’s Apprenticeship Coordinator. “We’re truly grateful to Cleaver-Brooks for enabling our students to have the hands-on training they need to be successful in their field.”

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Publication date:03/03/2008