Charging a System

By Dave Anderlik

I would like to make a couple of comments regarding two past Hotline questions and answers. One question writer reported having problems charging a system when the gauge on the suction line went into the retard section of the gauge.

One definition of retard is “a holding back or slowing down.” This prevents damage to the suction gauge if exposed to high pressures, usually at 120 psig on standard gauges.

My guess is that the gauges were connected to the wrong sides of the system and the suction gauge was reading high side pressure.

Regarding the second Q&A on checking motors to ground, I would suggest looking up the article in the Aug. 16, 1993, issue ofThe NEWS, titled “To Meg or Not to Meg.” It contains some very interesting information on the use and readings of meggers.

Publication date:08/06/2007