The Humidex moisture control and ventilation system controls both moisture and IAQ for the entire house. It expels moist, contaminated air and replaces it with fresh air drawn downward from upper levels. Replenishment air comes from the outdoors and enters the home naturally via windows, doors, and other openings, says the manufacturer. The unit uses 38 W of power and does not require daily maintenance such as emptying buckets of water or changing filters. Units include a standard heavy-duty crawl space model, slab home-condo-apartment model, and standard heavy-duty basement model. Parts include a 6-inch duct, sleeve, and outside flapper. The system contains a variable, tube axial, 115-vac/60-Hz fan with a control.

Humidex Atlantic, 3670-3 W. Oceanside Rd., Oceanside, NY 11572; 866-486-4339; 516-678-2373 (fax);

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