WASHINGTON - A U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) program that has performed energy assessments at 253 industrial plants throughout the United States is now ready to take on more plants. The Industrial Technology Program’s “Save Energy Now” campaign began accepting applications for its third round of energy assessments.

Save Energy Now assessments primarily focus on energy-intensive components and systems, such as fans, pumps, and systems for process heating, steam, and compressed air. To date, the assessments have resulted in annual energy savings of nearly $63 million, and currently planned projects are expected to yield another $263 million in annual energy savings. If all the measures identified by the energy assessments were implemented, they would yield an annual cost savings of more than $574 million per year. In other words, each assessment has identified, on average, roughly $2.27 million in energy savings.

DOE will make its initial selections of industrial plants for energy assessments starting in mid-September, and additional selections will be announced periodically until the target of 250 assessments is reached for the calendar year 2008. For more information, visit the Save Energy Now Website at www.eere.energy.gov/industry/saveenergynow/assessments.html.

Publication date:09/03/2007