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The enemies of comfort no longer stand a chance

Visually, this ad stands out due, in part, to the dramatic nature of the treatment. As one survey reader put it, “There is an air of mystery that the ad possesses.”

“It makes the reader go back to get a better look at Bryantman, who is hidden in a shadow,” explained Michelle Caldwell, manager of advertising and public relations for Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems. “We believe readers of The NEWSwere intrigued by this ad because, intuitively, dealers can relate to the feeling of a ‘superhero’ hidden within their persona.”

According to Caldwell, the company’s goal was to create excitement and interest in Bryant’s new 13 SEER product line and “introduce our new Bryantman creative campaign to the channel.”

“The Bryantman campaign was developed to exemplify Bryant dealers and the Bryant brand doing ‘whatever it takes’ in providing solutions in comfort to homeowners,” she emphasized. “The teaser ad communicated this in a unique way while building intrigue with readers for what’s next.”

Admittedly, this ad went outside of what has been normally done within the HVAC industry. Caldwell confessed the Bryant brand team even “took a risk,” but is “thrilled with the acceptance and support the Bryantman campaign is receiving within the channel.”

As a side note, results to date include increasing usage of Bry-ant-produced advertising materials by local dealers and increasing requests and development of Bryantman promotional items.

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Publication date:12/11/2006