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Warranties That’ll Make You And Your Customers Smile

Tempstar built an ad that not only features a simple and grabbing headline, but also a clean, simple look and feel, too. The ad made a strong case for its SmartComfort™ cooling line with premium warranties. And, in this case, 59 percent ofNEWSrespondents stated that they remembered seeing this ad.

“We appreciate the positive feedback on our ad,” said Lisa Townley, director of marketing for Tempstar. “We are getting similar feedback on the actual products, warranties, and marketing support tools. We ran this particular ad because our research indicates that warranty is important to both dealers and homeowners.”

Of course, Tempstar is proud of its “No Hassle Replacement” warranties, which it noted in the ad. At the same time, it broadcast that the product’s enhanced coil guard and corner posts are incorporated “for superior protection.”

“Our goal was to inform readers of the product and warranty advantages in the new Tempstar line, which ultimately make it easier for them to sell,” expressed Townley. “Tempstar is focused on listening to what dealers and contractors want and all of our new products, warranties, and marketing support tools are the direct result of extensive research.

“We believe that the closer we work with our customers to understand their wants and needs, the better job we will do on delivering the best products and services to them at the end of the day.”

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Publication date:12/11/2006