There is a website out there which strives to connect builders with their suppliers. Its name Buildscape is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow Chemical.

According to a company overview, “Buildscape supports the existing supply chain and preserves long-standing business relationships between the lumber dealer and their customer (builders, contractors, and remodelers).

“For builders, Buildscape simplifies the selection and procurement of both stock and non-stock building materials with round-the-clock (24/7) access to real-time pricing, availability, delivery, and descriptive information on more than 200,000 catalog items.

“Buildscape affords lumber dealers the opportunity to expand the breadth of their product offerings without expanding inventories, to improve and automate order processing, to improve information flows, and, in general, to increase efficiency. The Buildscape model makes it easier for builders and dealers to conduct business and, by delivering benefits to both buyer and seller, Buildscape strengthens, rather than disrupts, critical builder-dealer relationships.

Buildscape’s Don Milburn added, “Buildscape is an extranet that allows builders to do business electronically with their suppliers. Currently some lumber companies are completely integrated which allows back office to back office transactions.

“The system allows collaboration as well as commerce. Builders can also conduct business with non-integrated suppliers and subcontractors.”

Publication date: 09/16/2002