WASHINGTON - The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) has announced that it is replacing the roof on its downtown headquarters building here with a green roof.

"Landscape architects are leading many green roof projects across the U.S. and abroad, so it's only fitting that ASLA provide a demonstration project on this sustainable technology that can cure so many urban ills," said Nancy Somerville, executive vice president of the ASLA. "We hope to provide a catalyst for more green roof development in Washington and beyond."

A green roof is a roof substantially covered with vegetation. Studies show that green roofs can provide economic, environmental, and aesthetic benefits, including:

  • Lasting up to twice as long as conventional roofs and also requiring less maintenance;

  • Saving on heating and cooling costs; HVAC equipment on new or retrofitted buildings can be reduced in size; amount of standard insulation can be decreased;

  • Insulating for sound;

  • Significantly reducing stormwater runoff;

  • Improving air quality;

  • Reducing the urban heat island effect;

  • Providing aesthetic amenities for tenants and neighbors; and

  • Restoring bio-habitat in urban areas.

    ASLA is a co-sponsor of the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities' annual meeting May 4-6, in Washington. For more information about green roofs and the May green roofs conference, visit www.greenroofs.org.

    Publication date: 04/18/2005