TORONTO, ON, Canada — Multi-Glass International, a distributor of insulation and energy conservation products, has established an international distribution network across Canada and parts of the United States.

The network includes Canadian corporate companies Multi-Glass Insulation Ltd. and Guildfords (2000) Inc., as well as independent distributor Isolation Dispro Inc. in Quebec. Selected independent distribution companies in Canada and the United States are participating at various levels, according to Multi-Glass.

According to the company, the network will provide international, national, or regional distribution coverage to manufacturers of energy conservation products. It will also aim to identify, promote, and sell new products, as well as proprietary member company products. The network’s objective is to provide warehousing, sales, and operational support across Canada from British Columbia through Newfoundland. Multi-Glass is working on a similar program in the U.S.

“The network provides manufacturers enormous distribution opportunities and coverage through one primary channel,” said Rick Ball, director of business development for Multi-Glass International. “There are no industrial and commercial insulation distribution entities that can provide such comprehensive coverage in Canada.”

Publication date: 02/04/2002