WEST CHESTER, Penn. - myServiceForce.com, a mobile technology field service company, has launched its on-demand software for small businesses, integrating with Windows Mobile 5.0. The hosted solution gives on-the-road service teams real-time access to sales and customer information, eliminating paper-based tracking that can result in lost time and inventory.

According to the company, using low cost PDAs and smartphones supporting Mobile 5.0, myServiceForce.com can give any field service business - with one truck or 20 - affordable access to the kinds of "back office" systems that formerly only the largest companies could afford.

The software's real-time data synchronization integrates with the Windows Mobile 5.0 platform to link mobile systems to central applications, including QuickBooks® accounting programs, scheduling software, and inventory management.

"myServiceForce.com's on-demand field service solution has helped me cut my billing cycle in half, significantly speeding time-to-payment," said Tom Willison, president and owner of Riverside, California-based Pro Mechanical Service. "In the past, I needed one dispatcher for every 10 technicians in the field. With myServiceForce.com, a single dispatcher can handle up to five times the work load, resulting in six-figure savings and providing my technicians with more bandwidth to take on additional calls."

"Field worker efficiency and inventory tracking are field service companies' biggest pain points," said Gary Rawding, president of myServiceForce.com. "We're bringing pay-as-you-go mobile field service technology to the small business market - with the kind of back-office integration that every company needs."

For more information, visit www.myserviceforce.com.

Publication date: 09/11/2006