Authorities believe the extreme heat currently blanketing the United States has claimed a life in Avondale, Arizona. As reported by Fox 10, an HVAC tech identified as Steve Ball was found dead in the attic of the home he was servicing on Thursday, July 18: 

Officials say just before 7 p.m. on Thursday, the homeowners became concerned and found the man unresponsive when checking on him 30 minutes after he went up into the attic. That's when they called for help.

Firefighters arrived at the home, brought the man down from the attic and pronounced him dead at the scene.

Ball, according to his website, was an HVAC veteran of 30-plus years. Although investigators have not ruled out other medical conditions as a contributor to his death, they believe heatstroke is the culprit. 

On Thursday, the area's temperature reached a high of 107 degrees.