A hands-on seminar program launched by Topcon Positioning Group is coming to major cities in the U.S. and Canada.

This year's LN-100 Layout Navigator Tour, themed "Think Outside the String Lines: A Hands-on Seminar," introduces the company's one-operator system designed to perform construction and building information modeling layout functions.

“The message is ‘do it yourself’ because that’s flexibility the LN-100 really offers operators,” said Brice Walker, vice president of survey sales. “It provides an entry-level precise measurement solution for diverse 3-D layout applications, without the expense of a total station.

The program is divided into two, free half-day sessions that include lunch, with continuing education credits available.  The second day focuses on advanced workflow techniques, with incorporation of Autodesk Point Layout in Revit, AutoCAD and Navisworks for model-based job site layout, as well as quality assurance and quality control using the latest technology.

“Whether it's traditional construction, complex landscape layout, or quickly checking existing stakeout locations on a project — the LN-100 allows an operator to use the simplicity of a self-leveling laser and combine it with a reliable 3D layout technology to increase productivity on a job site,” said Walker. “These seminars break down the basics of using the LN-100 and demonstrate the simplicity it offers to every day users on job sites.”