Topcon Positioning Group has introduced a new building-information-modeling product: the LN-100.

The company says it is the first 3-D positioning system designed specifically for construction layout. It offers good product data flow and integration, making it easy to use, said Eduardo Falcon, Topcon Positioning Group executive vice president and general manager for the geo-positioning division.

“All that’s required to begin operation is to place the LN-100 anywhere on a project site — on a tripod, column or on the ground — and press one button,” he said. “The unit self-levels and an operator just has to turn on the wireless controller and get to work. One-person layout has never been this easy.”

The 3-D system is ideal for BIM projects, Falcon said.

“This innovative solution utilizes Topcon’s time-proven laser and robotic total station technologies to provide a highly productive system that combines design and layout operations. The Topcon family of office software and controller solutions integrates seamlessly with a wide range of Autodesk BIM software and services,” he said. “Regardless of the job – building infrastructure, electrical, plumbing, foundation and footings, walls, ceilings, HVAC, underground utilities or basic landscaping on any job site – the customer has a solution that’s easy to use without sacrificing the required accuracy and performance.”