Metal Sales Manufacturing Corp. is now offering two new product lines from its Nashville, Tenn., and Rock Island, Ill., branches.

The facilities will offer 12- and 16-inch versions of Image II, a standing-rib metal roof for residences and businesses.

"It's all about adding value," said Steve Letnich, Metal Sales' vice president of sales and marketing. "When we can reduce costs and delivery time to those who install our products that makes them more competitive in this challenging market."

"We'll be able to ship energy-efficient Image II panels more quickly,” added Gary Hecker, general manager of the Nashville plant. “It's just another customer-focused service we offer here at Metal Sales."

The Nashville branch serves Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, as well as parts of Kentucky and Georgia. Image II joins the seven profiles currently manufactured in the facility, including Classic Rib and 5V-Crimp panels.

Rock Island plant general manager Nate Blommer said Midwest customers will also see improved service.

"Customers in Illinois, Iowa and southern Wisconsin will find lead time on Image II cut in half, thanks to this new production line. Shorter lead times allow our dealers to be more responsive to their customers, which adds value."