Data logger maker Onset has introduced what it says is a high-performance product for monitoring use.

The Hobo UX120-006M with an LCD display, has twice the accuracy of earlier models, and support for up to four external sensors for measuring temperature, current, carbon dioxide and more.

The unit is ideal for energy audits and building commissioning, officials say.

 “Our next-generation Hobo UX series platform has been a major step forward for Onset in terms of providing customers with an ideal combination of deployment ease-of-use, measurement accuracy, and convenience,” said Jessica Frackelton, senior product marketing manager at Onset. “With our latest model, the UX120-006M, customers can now have a simple and reliable amp logging solution with twice the accuracy and memory for less than $150. These features will enable customers to manage projects with the logging frequency they need, without having to get into complicated deployments setups involving multiple loggers for a single task.”