ARI Announces Passing ICE Candidates

March 7, 2001
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The results are in. The following names are the passing candidates for the December 2000 Industry Competency Exam (ICE).

There were three exams to choose from, this included Light Commercial Air-Conditioning and Heating (LC), Residential Air-Conditioning and Heating (RES), and Commercial Refrigeration (COM). Instructors and Students were eligible to take any of the three exams or one of the air-conditioning and heating exams and the commercial refrigeration exam.

Eighty-nine schools were represented from across the country with a total of 1,090 registrants.

The breakdown of each exam is as follows:

  • Light Commercial Air-Conditioning and Heating
  • - Score Distribution: 23-96%

    - Passing Rate: 59%

  • Residential Air-Conditioning and Heating
  • - Score Distribution: 23-98

    - Passing Rate: 59%

  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • - Score Distribution: 24-97

    - Passing Rate: 56%


  • Pima Community College, Tucson
  • - Raymond M. House (RES)


  • California Correctional Institution, Tehachapi
  • - Andrew R. Hamilton (RES)

    - Guillermo Varela (RES)

    - Jesse J. Prieto (RES) - Louis Goforth (RES)

    - Franz D. Carter (RES)

    - Drew S. Zitzke (RES)

    - Rigoberto Gandara (RES)

    - Alfonso Ceja (RES)

    - Jesus Ortiz (RES)

  • Sequoia Institute, Fremont
  • - David M. Bowen (COM, RES)

    - Ahmad T. Nejad (RES)

    - Oscar G. Camacho (RES)


  • Westside Technical Center, Winter Garden
  • - Adam D. Huffman (RES)

    - Timothy E. Schneithorst (RES)

    - Scott C. Hill (RES)

    - Tim Kolek (RES)


  • Hawkeye Community College, Waterloo
  • - Dennis C. Pirkl (COM, RES)

    - Bradley M. Heath (LC, RES)

    - Mike R. Asche (RES)

    - Bret D. Milbert (RES)


  • College Of Dupage, Glen Ellyn
  • - Eugene E. Shilkaitis (RES)

  • Elgin Comm. College, Elgin
  • - Aaron D. Bottoms (RES)

    - Richard S. Stermer (RES)

    - Edward K. Merritt (RES)

  • Oakton Community College, Des Plaines
  • - Alfred H. Dohm (RES)

    - Terrence Brandt (RES)

    - Jerry Parker (RES)

    - John Devaney (RES)

    South Suburban College, South Holland

    - Bruce W. Funkey (RES)

    - Ronald L. Stodden (RES)


  • Ashland Technical College, Ashland
  • - Michael B. Mullini (RES)

  • Bowling Green Technical School, Bowling Green
  • - Jonathan T. Wilson (RES)

    - Mark C. Ford (RES)

    - Robert A. Richardson (RES)

  • Elizabeth Technical College, Elizabeth
  • - Stephen B. Clemons (RES)

    - Ronald L. Trimner (RES)

    - Thomas R. Hayes (RES)

    - Bobby E. Fisher (RES)

    - Ricky L. Deweese (RES)

  • KY Tech - Caldwell, Princeton
  • - Brad W. Adams (RES)

  • Mayo Technical College, Paintsville
  • - Richard D. Schindler (RES)

    - Stephene P. Daniels (RES)

    - Gregory Rose (RES)

    - Timothy J. Hamilton (RES)

  • Rowan Technical College, Morehead
  • - Andrew T. Heflin (RES)

    - Matthew M. Jones (RES)

  • West KY State Tech School, Paducah
  • - Matthew F. Randall (RES)


  • Lincoln Technical Inst. @ Columbia, Columbia
  • - Bryan D. White (RES)

    - Jerome A. Gilro (COM, RES)

  • RETS Tech Center @ Baltimore, Baltimore
  • - Jerry W. Beal (RES)

    - Gary L. Keels (RES)

    - Kenneth B. Kloster (RES)

    - Denver W. Runk (RES)

    - Darrone D. Delly (RES)

    - Thomas D. Creek (RES)

    - Brian C. Rosch (RES)


  • Oakland Comm. College, Auburn Hills
  • - Kenneth Lovelace (RES)

    - Dale J. Walczak (RES)

    - Brian W. Beauchamp (RES)

    - Jeffrey R. Pratt (LC, RES)

    - Michael D. Portwood (LC, RES)


  • Vatterott College @ Kansas City, Kansas City
  • - Albert L. Isom, Jr. (RES)

    - Mark Taylor (RES)

    - Marty J. Tritius (RES)

    - Ronald E. Scroggins (RES)

    - Michael V. Brooks (RES)

    - Jason D. Robertson (RES)

    - Donald W. Dray (RES)

    - William A. Tucker (RES)

  • Vatterott College @ Springfield, Springfield
  • - Jeremy O. Thrasher (RES)

    - Johnnie L. Berry (RES)

    - Anthony L. Littleton, Jr. (RES)

    - Wayne R. Strode (RES)

    - Lewis C. Stone (RES)

    - Nathan D. Wegner (RES)

    - Jason B. Leeaer (RES)

    - Brian J. Kleffiner (RES)

  • Vatterott College @ St. Ann, Saint Ann
  • - Vince Heman (RES)

    - Michael D.Green(RES)

  • Vatterott College @ Sunset Hills, St. Louis
  • - Charles F. Schwoebel (RES)

    - Ben D. Wilson (RES)

    - Donald M. Lauderdale (RES)

    - Michael C. Inman (RES)

    - Leonard M. Self (RES)


  • Miss. Delta Comm. College, Moorhead
  • - Brian K Kendall (RES)

    - Perez Moody (RES)

    - Willie E Thomas (RES)

    - Jason A Lovell (RES)

    - Billy J. Long (RES)

    - Terrence L. Weatherspoon (RES)

    North Carolina

  • Wake Technical College, Raleigh
  • - Kevin M. Palermo (RES)

    - Matt G. Davis (RES)

    - Christopher Tickle (RES)

    - Jaime Maldonado (RES)

    - Philip M. Hemmelgah (RES)

    New Jersey

  • Atlantic County Vo-Tech School, Mays Landing
  • - Edward S. Lang (RES)

  • Burlington County Inst. Of Technology, Medford
  • - Kevin L. Fountain (RES)

    - Douglas A. Schad, Sr. (RES)

    - Robert T.S. Karmade (RES)

    - Frank L. Clark (RES)

    - John J. McKenna (RES)

    - David Tansey (RES)

  • Lincoln Technical Inst. @ Mahwah, Mahwah
  • - Kevin J. Grace (RES)

    - Genti M. Mullay - George Alfano (RES)

    - Larry Konash (COM, RES)

    - Charles V. DiCarlo (COM, RES)

    - Thomas J. Varcardipone (COM, RES)

  • Lincoln Technical Inst. @ Pennsauken, Pennsauken
  • - Thomas P. Kephart (RES)

    - Charles Lane II (RES)

    - Nicholas DeBenedetto (LC, RES)

  • Monmouth County Vo-Tech @ Freehold, Freehold
  • - Paul Scheffler (RES)

  • Morris County Vo-Tech, Denville
  • - Joe G. Celentano (RES)

    - Guido Ghaman (RES)

    - John Kowalczyk (RES)

    - Christopher Ianuale (RES)

    - Helmer F. Arias (RES)

    - Juan C. Hernandez (RES)

    - Matthew B. Adames (RES)

    - Enrique Corona (RES)

    New Mexico

  • Albuquerque Tech-Voc Inst, Albuquerque
  • - Phiet T. Tran (RES)

    - Douglas Garrison (RES)

    - Richard W. Quinonez (COM, RES)

    - Gerald C. Trainer (RES)

    - James C. Hansen (RES)

    - Gerald C. Trainer (RES)

    - Richard W. Quinonez (RES)

    New York

  • Technical Career Institutes, New York
  • - Steve M. Rochester (RES)

    - Darryl Ayers (RES)

    - Balwant Singh (RES)

    - Meraj Ramnarine (RES)


  • Belmont Technical College, St. Clairsville
  • - Kenneth A. Mayhugh (RES)

    - Robert R. O'Dell (RES)

    - Ronald N. Hampe (RES)

  • Columbus State C.C., Columbus
  • - Raymond A. Briggs (RES)

    - Philip M. Rembert (RES)

    - Jeff T. Kilby (COM, RES)

  • Great Oaks Voc.- Scarlet Oak Campus, Cincinatti
  • - Doug J. Newland (RES)

    - James D. Ballinger, Jr. (COM, RES)

    - Brian K. West (COM, RES)

    - James B. Schisler (COM, RES)

    - Mose G. Jones (RES)

    - Shane C. Walters (COM, RES)

    - Rod A. Armacost (RES)

    - Belinda L. Priddy (COM, RES)

    - Steve A. Hartmann (COM, RES)

    - Jason E. Hurst (COM, RES)

    - Hugh E. Watkins (RES)

    - Daniel D. Piety (COM, RES)

    - Patrick J. Turner (COM, RES)

    - Terry D. Turner (COM, RES)

  • Refrigeration Sales Corp., Cleveland
  • - Ronald Redding (RES)

    - Glenn T. Leidy (RES)

    - Joseph Posante (RES)

    - Tony E. Papadakis (RES)

    - Bob Rozsnaki (RES)

    - Don First (RES)

    - Steve Pacheco (RES)

    - Nick Geosano (RES)

    - Dean Meder (RES)

    - William P. Rimmer (RES)

    - Scott K. Wintersteller (RES)

  • RETS Tech Center @ Centerville, Centerville
  • - Eric M. Crawford (RES)

    - Adam L. Wright (LC, RES)

    - Christopher Marquez (RES)

    - Mitchell L.Hallum (COM, RES)

    - Daniel L. Yocum (LC, RES)

    - Matthew W. Winand (RES)

    - Fred S. Spurlin (RES)

    - Charles J. Martin (RES)

    - Mark A. Ewry (RES)

    - Grayland D. Robinson (RES)

    - Jeremy S. Pierce (RES)

    - Antonio D. Gates (LC, RES)

    - Michael L. Walker (LC, RES)

    - Stephen O. Helton II (RES)

    - Rodney P. Frappier (LC, RES)

    - Jacob A. Jones (RES)

    - Ryan C. Tate (RES)

    - Sean M. Sims (RES)

    - Darren N. Gabbert (LC, RES)

    - Lesley P. Briscoe, Jr. (RES)

    - Ronald T. Spells (RES)

    - Brian Schenk (RES)

    - Lewis W. Spicer (RES)

    - Jeffrey L. Sutton (RES)

    - Lawrence R. North (RES) - Malik S. Akbar (LC)

    - Gail W. Isaac (RES)

    - Antoine L. Dunson (LC)

    - David A. Mack (LC, RES)

    - John D. Gutierrez (LC, RES)

    - Ted B. Murphy, Jr. (RES)

    - Jason A. Watts (LC, RES) - Michael D. Miracle (LC, RES)

    - Derec E. Temke (LC, RES)

    - Steven C. McKinley (LC, RES)

    - Clinton M. Justice (LC)

    - Andre' L. Howard (LC)

    - Antone E. Truss (RES)

    - Michael W. Modesitt (LC, RES)

    - Lucas J. Richardson (RES)

    - Colquitt R. Brown (RES)

    - Nickolas R. Pendleton (LC)

    - Michael D. Myers (LC, RES)

    - Jason R. Tames (LC, RES)

    - Todd E. Frymyer (LC, RES)

    - Kevin R. Shell (LC, RES)

    - Eli B. Burnett (RES)


  • Triangle Tech, Pittsburgh
  • - Marcus K. Wilt (COM, RES)

    - John H. Taylor (COM, RES)

    - Thomas B. Hiwiller (RES)

    - Roland A. Campion (COM, RES)

    - Mark A. Sluka (COM< RES)

    - Ronald A. Majewsky (COM, RES)

  • Triangle Tech@Greensburg, Greensburg
  • - Mark A. Uhrin (RES)

    - Brian L. Weaver (RES)

    - Michael P. Altman (RES)

    - Aaron W. Emerick (RES)

    Marcus H. Waltmon (COM, RES)

    - Brian D. Anderson (COM, RES)

    South Carolina

  • Greenville Technical College, Greenville
  • - Michael D. Lacy, Sr. (COM, RES)

    - Andrew S. Long (RES)


  • Texas Engineering Extension Service, San Antonio
  • - Donaciano Morales

  • (RES)


  • Ogden / Weber ATC, Ogden
  • - Nelson Gayden (RES)

    - Mont K. Robinson (RES)

    - Jayson H. Harames (RES)

    - Travis S. Leeper (RES)

    - Stephen A. Dorko (RES)

    - Anthony H. Christensen (RES)

    - Scott A. Nydegger (RES)

    - Jay L. Randall (RES)

    - Bryan K. Crookston (RES)

    - Ryan C. Neil (RES)

    - Richard P. McGee (RES)

    - Shaun C. Ipson (RES)


  • North Virginia Community College, Woodbridge
  • - John P. Karman, Jr. (COM, RES)

  • Southwest Va. Community College, Richlands
  • - Gayle F. Combs (RES)

    - Ricky D. Stacy (RES)

    - Larry E. Hughes (RES)

    - Jeffrey D. Halsey (RES)

  • T.H Badger Technical Center, Onley
  • - Matthew W. Killmon (RES)

    - Colin R. Bennett (RES)


  • Clover Park Technical College, Lakewood
  • - Mark E. Olsen (RES)

    - Ralf G. Maki (RES)

    - Robert L. Piper (RES)

    - Andrew W. Humphrey (RES)

    West Virginia

  • Carver Career Center, Charleston
  • - Lewis E. Legg (RES)

    - Charles D. Means (RES)

    - Larry M. Love (RES)

    - Jerome W. Baird (RES)

    - Roy D. Abston (RES)

    Publication date:<03/12/2001)

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