Fujitsu General America, Inc., recently released Airzone system, an intelligent, communicating zoning system for ducted mini-split and VRF heat hump and heat recovery systems.  

With modulating dampers and smart controllers, the Airzone system is available with wireless or wired communication.  Engineers and installers can integrate additional ductless or ducted systems for full system control.

All Airzone dampers and optional zone modules are connected by a 4-wire cable which provides power and communication.  Dampers are positioned to provide optimum airflow into a zone based upon demand monitored through zone controllers. The indoor unit fan is adjusted to instantaneously meet the demand of all calling zones.

A Fujitsu system equipped with Airzone supplies optimal airflow and ideal temperature for each zone, reducing excess equipment capacity and maximizes efficiency.  The modulating damper system allows single zone heat pumps to provide heating and cooling to more than one ducted zone.  The modulating Airzone dampers and proportional fan control eliminate the need for a bypass duct.  

A variety of damper sizes (six to 14 inches) and controllers allow for a wide range of applications.  The Airzone system control can monitor up to 10 individual zones, each with adjustable minimum and maximum damper positions.