Lack of project visibility is a loss of project control — resulting in increased costs, broken schedules, and decreased profitability. In an upcoming webinar, presented by ICT Tracker, learn how to quickly implement a daily or weekly process to get updates on projects to better manage scheduling, billing, and project estimation.

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The process starts at your fingertips. The ICT Tracker mobile app replaces manual processes by digitizing the collection of data on site using patent-pending AR technology. Users can view 3D design models on a tablet and compare it against installed systems onsite, which gives contractors real-time data to track, measure, and improve project installation productivity.

Data can be shared immediately with all stakeholders for better decisions based on detailed, up-to-date information, which makes the software ideal for tracking mechanical, plumbing, electric, and fire protection systems.  

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Learning objectives include:

  • Accurately measuring project % completion in real time
  • Identifying problem areas, activities and the the data to take make adjustments
  • Digitizing the job site, eliminate inaccurate or manual processes, and take the subjectivity out of data collection
  • Implement actions in the field with a tool that was designed for use by foremen, project engineers, or apprentices. 

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