With a 2016 version 3 release, the Lockformer Vulcan CAM software program is now Trimble Fab Shop. The software application allows HVAC construction contractors and duct manufacturers worldwide to increase shop productivity, reduce waste and improve profits, officials say. Benefits of Trimble’s FabShop software include:

  • Comprehensive fitting libraries
  • Automatic and manual segmenting
  • Easy creation of customized, color-coded labels and reports
  • Automatic shape nesting
  • Trimble FabShop software fully integrates with many plasma cutting tables, coil lines and CAD programs.
  • Fitting input is quick, simple and non-repetitive

The Trimble software includes tools that allow users to import fitting information for fabrication directly from several CAD software programs. Compatible programs include:

  • AutoDesk Fabrication CADmep (free plug-in)
  • SysQue
  • Duct Designer
  • Auto Bid Sheet Metal
  • East Coast CAD
  • CAD Pipe
  • Draw/Tech SDS
  • Webduct
  • Bentley

New features and changes to FabShop include:

  • A “recycling bin” where you can recover deleted projects and jobs. These projects reside in the recycling bin for 30 days and then are automatically deleted.
  • This update also features the ability to create custom posts for controllers not supported by the Trimble FabShop communication programs. The post generator uses Word Address/EIA and absolute coordinates for controllers that accept file downloads.
  • Company logos may be stored anywhere on the local computer or company network.
  • Support for Autodesk Fabrication CADmep 2017 is now available for download.