HVAC market distribution company WinWholesale Inc. has a new name: Winsupply Inc. 

The name change is effective immediately, the company said.

“Winsupply connects the more than 570 Win local companies to a single, cohesive powerful brand that creates national presence and position, not only in wholesale distribution but in all of the industries we serve,” said company Chairman Rick Schwartz. “The Winsupply name will help us drive better business results. We can go to market with a stronger brand that enables contractors everywhere to better understand the strength Winsupply brings to our local companies through centralized services including business consulting, capital, product sourcing, training, accounting, IT (information technology), payroll and marketing. These services allow local operators to focus on their local markets, products and serving their customers.”

Currently, most Win distributors operate under names such as Winnelson, Winair, Windustrial, Winlectric, Winfastener and Winpump, and Noland Co.

“With our new name, their customers can continue to feel confident that the local companies will make decisions on the spot to give them the support and services they need, and deliver the expertise and products when and where they need them,” Schwartz said. “What will change is an enhanced commitment to deliver superior solutions for their everyday needs and unique challenges.”

Not every location’s name may change, officials said. The decision to rebrand is up to officials that represent each location. However, it is expected that many will do so.

“More and more of our customers are no longer focusing on just one industry, like plumbing,” Schwartz said. “They’re adding heating and air-conditioning equipment, PVF or electrical supplies in order to grow and diversify. Similarly, many of our local companies are doing the same, diversifying to meet the needs of their customers and to grow. The Winsupply name does the best job of capturing that diversification.”