BuildingIQ has released its 5i platform, which is designed to help building operators at any stage of a building’s lifecycle. The platform provides a better building Internet-of-Things result for owners and operators thanks to its five pillar approach of data capture analysis, advanced modeling, measurement and verification, closed loop predictive control and human analysis, officials say.

“The infrastructure and needs of buildings within a portfolio of properties can vary drastically from assets that are retired in place to state-of-the-art (building management system) implementations,” said Michael Nark, president and CEO of BuildingIQ. “With the unveiling of the BuildingIQ 5i platform, we’re offering building owners and managers an ability to balance the sometimes opposed needs of energy optimization, operational efficiency and tenant comfort — all on one platform. Services built on the platform work together synergistically, so owner/operators needn’t worry about BMS changes or market evolution. The 5i platform approach evolves with their needs.”

The company also announced the acquisition of core technology — specifically, the OptiCool and ComfortSENSE subsystems and the interface in between — from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation for approximately 500,000 Australian dollars ($375,660).

Until recently, BuildingIQ had an exclusive license to use and commercially exploit the core technology in commercial buildings as a component of its trademarked Predictive Energy Optimization offering. As part of the agreement, however, BuildingIQ has obtained all intellectual property rights in the core technology, associated patents and patent technologies, officials say.

“The addition of real-time human comfort input will extend our ability to analyze and predict BMS performance and its impact on people,” said Adam Benson, BuildingIQ’s vice president of engineering. “Building occupants are the ultimate intelligent sensor in many ways. We’re excited to be able to incorporate the human factor into our platform and ensure that we remain at the forefront of innovation in building energy management solutions.”