Know anybody in the state of Colorado with a really old furnace? A local HVAC market contractor wants to hear about it.

Carbon Valley Heating and Air of Firestone, Colorado, is looking for the owners of the oldest furnace in the region. The company says it will replace the unit with a modern green HVAC unit to showcase the energy savings now possible in HVAC construction.

“We feel this contest is a good way to draw attention to the potentially large amount of savings by upgrading an old furnace to new,” said Josh Robertson, chief technology officer at Carbon Valley Heating and Air. “There are some very old heating systems in this area and a lot of energy and money is wasted. Plus, higher-efficiency furnaces decrease pollution substantially – about 20 times less pollutants.”

Robertson said furnaces over 10 years old are a good candidate for HVAC sales replacement, especially those with only an 80 percent seasonal energy efficiency rating.

Information on the contest is available at the company’s website. The entry deadline is Nov. 16. The top three runners-up will receive new carbon monoxide detectors, the company added.