The places around the world where you’re most likely to work in or visit a LEED-certified building include Canada, China and India. 

Those are the top three countries in the U.S. Green Building Council’s list of the top 10 countries for sustainable construction outside the U.S.

The countries on the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program list include seven of the world’s 20 largest economies and six of the top 11 producers of greenhouse gasses, the council said.

“International demand has grown steadily for tools supporting sustainable economic growth, and it has become increasingly clear that we are reaching a tipping point around environmental sustainability,” said Rick Fedrizzi, the CEO and founding chairman of the USGBC. “It is now impossible to view social and economic development as separate issues from a robust sustainability agenda. The global success of LEED in these countries is a sign that international business leaders and policy makers recognize that a commitment to transforming the built environment is crucial to addressing major environmental challenges. The countries on this list are pushing this commitment forward.”

The top 10 countries are: Canada, China, India, Brazil, South Korea, Germany, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Sweden.

 The U.S. is the No. 1 market for LEED as well as the second-largest producer of greenhouse gases, the USGBC said.