The World Green Building Council is teaming up with developer IFC to boost sustainable construction in emerging markets.

The world council will work with the IFC’s investment program and certify buildings through the IFC’s Edge Web application.

“By leveraging the capabilities of the World Green Building Council and IFC, together we can provide accessibility to the entire green building industry while addressing the core needs of developing countries,” said Prashant Kapoor, a principal industry specialist, for green buildings with the IFC. “It is a window of opportunity to democratize the green buildings market.”

A member of the World Bank Group, the IFC has invested more than $570 million in green buildings, and has worked with the governments of Vietnam, Indonesia, Columbia and the Philippines to boost efforts.

“The business case for green buildings continues to drive change throughout the world,” said Jane Henley, CEO of the World Green Building Council. “The WorldGBC and IFC are organizations dedicated to transforming the marketplace so that all buildings are more sustainable and efficient. Together, as leaders in this movement, we have an opportunity to directly affect sustainability on a global scale.”