The American Welding Society overhauled to enhance visitors’ experience, the group says.

The society says the new website was designed to give visitors the ability to customize the website to fit their individual needs, whether they are a prospective welding student looking for a training program, a seasoned professional looking for conferences and certifications to further advance their career, or a job seeker looking for new opportunities in the field.

Officials say the newly unveiled website is the final phase of the organization’s rebranding strategy, aimed at focusing on the future of welding.

“The new website was designed to focus on two things, the visitor and the future of the welding industry” said society marketing director Lorena Cora. “In the development stages of the site, we worked with members and employees to learn what information was the most important and how we could make it easy and convenient for visitors to access it. The feedback we received allowed us to revamp the site to make it more user-friendly, informative and easy to navigate.”

The site’s new features include an updated home page, search functionality, navigation menu and a mobile-responsive version of the website.

 “With the launch of the new site and strong efforts across our multiple social media platforms, AWS is looking to connect and build stronger relationships with both current and future members as well as with the global welding community,” she said.