Aeroseal used last week’s Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s annual conference to introduce HomeSeal Pro, what HVAC market company calls its next-generation ductwork fabrication sealing system.

Made to work with the latest wireless thermostats and remote HVAC construction technologies, HomeSeal Pro can boost the earnings of HVAC construction contractors, the company said.

“HomeSeal Pro can instantly cut the number of man-hours required to Aeroseal a home by 50 percent or more,” said Scott Mueller, Aeroseal’s director of residential sales. “Not only do the new remote management tools significantly reduce the time required to complete a duct sealing project, but, thanks to HomeSeal Pro’s new integrated wireless capabilities, a procedure that used to require a minimum of two workers can now easily be accomplished with just one.”

With a tablet-based control system preloaded with product information, HVAC sales staff can easily explain the benefits of HomeSeal Pro to homeowners, the company added.

“Less time and fewer workers per job, higher productivity and more opportunity to build customer loyalty – that’s about as good a recipe as you’ll find anywhere for increasing profitability,” Mueller said.