The U.S. Green Building Council joined advocacy groups yesterday in Washington to press Congress for passage of energy and climate legislation.

As part of World Green Building Day, the USGBC brought 80 advocates to lobby lawmakers to support bills on reducing global warming. The council and other supporters want the bills passed and signed by President Barack Obama before an international meeting on the issue takes place in December in Denmark.

USGBC President and CEO Rick Fedrizzi said the bills’ passage is important.

“As the built environment accounts for 40 percent of global carbon emissions, the green building movement has an unprecedented opportunity to make a major contribution to both national and international carbon-reduction targets,” Fedrizzi said.

A bill dealing with climate change narrowly passed the U.S. House in June after amendments were added to win support from Democrats who represented states with heavy manufacturing and industries such as coal. It garnered almost no Republican support.

With Congress now attempting to tackle health care reform and 2010 elections looming, some advocates of the bill worry it will stall in the Senate.