SmartGuard’s Spiral Duct Caps are a new way to seal the ends of spiral duct pipes and fittings, providing secure protection to materials during the construction process.   

They install in seconds, are reusable and are made from a durable PVC plastic. The thin material of duct films and shower caps can be prone to damage, resulting in additional material and labor costs. Because Spiral Duct Caps are sturdy, they require less monitoring during the construction process.

The caps are available in sizes ranging from 4 inches to 20 inches in diameter. Fitting both small and big end pipes and fittings — push into big end, reverse and push over small end — the duct caps reduce waste, debris and meet LEED job site requirements. Contractors can also save space by standing duct pipes on end without damage to the caps.

When applied correctly, from shipment to final trim, ducting will be protected from dust, debris, and moisture.

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