Spiral duct manufacturer Linx Industries Inc. announced its new ProCoat coated HVAC duct system at the 2017 AHR Expo in Las Vegas. 

The spiral duct products are now available to North America’s HVAC construction industry in diameters up to 60 inches.

“AHR visitors were immediately attracted to the high quality of the finish, and many commented on possible applications of such an aesthetically pleasing product,” said Clay Witcher, business development manager at Linx. “Seeing the customers engage with the product was sensational. We encourage engineers to spread the word and specify ProCoat.”

The company reported a record number of visitors at its AHR Expo booth, where guests were able to pick up samples and inspect ProCoat’s exterior and durability. The products are delivered custom coated and factory direct, while colors are matched using the European RAL paint-matching system.

“As a manufacturer, our goal is to systematically reduce the energy and effort of the install, while providing the finest quality of ductwork for the customer,” said David Shaeffer, Linx president. “With ProCoat, corporate and team colors are easy to match. Clients have been very pleased with the outcome.”