Acosta Sheet Metal Manufacturing, Inc., a family-owned sheet metal manufacturer based in San Jose, collaborated with 99Bridges—a tech company providing sustainability solutions—to enable reverse logistics for a full circular lifecycle of reusables. Recently named an inaugural U.S. Plastics Pact Reuse Catalyst Partner, 99Bridges is part of a program designed to support and develop innovators that have scalable reuse and refill solutions for the United States.

“Acosta continues to be our manufacturing partner of choice as we introduce our newest innovation, the Bag Drop Machine, to facilitate reverse logistics for a full circular lifecycle of reusable bags,” said Derek Mak, Founder and CEO of 99Bridges.

Acosta previously partnered with 99Bridges to create a kiosk system that offers a way for customers to rent a bag they can reuse for 30 days then return to a participating store for a cleaned one. 

“I’m excited to partner with 99Bridges once again,” says Michelle Acosta, vice president of operations and marketing at Acosta Sheet Metal Manufacturing. “It is rewarding to be a part of something that can create real change, like creating momentum for reusable packaging.”

About Acosta Sheet Metal Manufacturing

For more than 50 years, Acosta Sheet Metal Mfg. has served the Bay Area and beyond with high quality commercial and residential products backed by exceptional customer service. A family-owned and operated sheet metal manufacturer, Acosta is known for offering a full-range of HVAC ducts and fittings, and roofing metals, as well as its ability to produce a variety of custom pieces from concept to completion.