Acosta Sheet Metal Manufacturing, Inc., a family-owned sheet metal manufacturer based in San Jose, is excited to join with 99Bridges, a tech company providing sustainability solutions, to create a kiosk for reusable bag system GOATOTE.

"Acosta Manufacturing provided us with the creativity, experience, and expertise to bring our product to life," says Derek Mak, Founder and CEO of 99Bridges. "Their willingness to innovate alongside us and to think out-of-the-box are rare in a mature industry like theirs. We are grateful and proud to call them a partner!"

With over 200,000 plastic bags going into landfills every hour, this system offers a way for customers to rent a bag they can reuse for 30 days then return to a participating store for a cleaned one. The used bag will be cleaned, sanitized and then put back into circulation.

"We truly appreciate the knowledge Acosta Sheet Metal has brought to the table when manufacturing our kiosks," says GOATOTE Co-founder Renee Lundahl. "As a company driving sustainable solutions, we value the ability to work with a US manufacturing company."

With kiosks going into select CVS Pharmacy, Target stores, and Walmarts in the United States and Canada, this innovative system is clearly a circular economy solution many stores have been looking for.

"It seems like something small, but single-use plastic bags add up and cause irreparable harm to our environment," says Michelle Acosta, vice president of operations and marketing at Acosta Sheet Metal Manufacturing. "We are proud to be a part of such an innovative answer that let's everyone be a part of saving the environment."

About Acosta Sheet Metal Manufacturing

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