If you have ever been even remotely curious about what would happen if you stuck a material other than sheet metal under your plasma cutter or laser, then the following video is for you. 

Ben Myers, who has an MBA from Harding University in Arkansas, isn't a sheet metal worker or a tradesmen. He is actually an exterminator. But luckily for us he spends his free time tinkering with tools and sharing the results with his more than 20,000 followers

For Taco Tuesday, he used his 60w laser to engrave a festive hashtag on a taco shell, and he has even used some of his arsenal of tools for pumpkin engraving. But nothing takes the cake like using a laser to cut a pizza:

"We ordered pizza while doing laser work, saw Papa John's gave the options for how it was cut, and it came to me," says Myers about the idea. "It tasted like burn cardboard."

Although Myers doesn't work in the trades industry beyond his hobby of seeing how things work, if he could do it all over again, he would.
"If i could go back and do it all over again, i'd learn a trade," he says. "I would not have a Ferrari's worth of student loans and make more than I do with a master's."

As for what he plans to cut next, a steak or a cake perhaps? 

"Cake and pie, good idea," he says. "But I can't get over the taste of burnt pizza."

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