James Allen Heatherington of Lyon, Georgia, is the newest recipient of the Joseph Groh Foundation grant to financially assist those in the construction trades who are living with a life altering injury or illness. 

After a motorcycle accident left Heatherington a C-5 quadriplegic, only able to use his right arm and hand, living on a fixed income has made it difficult for him to replace wheelchair access to his home. Now, with the help of the Joseph Groh Foundation grant, Heatherington has a new entry ramp and 12 x 12 porch to sit on with his friends.

“We can’t express how grateful we are,” says Diane, Heatherington’s wife. “It is raining again today and Allen does not feel well, but he can’t wait to sit out on his new porch on a sunny day. Thank you so much.”

Heatherington began his career working for BE&K Construction in Birmingham, Alabama as a welding apprentice while also serving in the Georgia Army National Guard. After five years, he became a master craftsman welder and pipefitter then moved on to work at nuclear power and chemical plants as a certified pipefitter and valve technician. He also worked as a pipe foreman and received his certification as a Class I house electrician.

Joseph Groh Foundation

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