Media has changed substantially in the past 20 years. Most, if not all, of those changes were spurred by the impact the internet has had on how people consume their information. It’s a phenomenon that’s been covered regularly by multiple outlets since the shift became apparent a little more than a decade ago. While trade media like Snips operates a bit differently than newspapers or consumer magazines, we too have felt the impact of the shifting media landscape.

In the past, print was the only place you could read content from Snips. Then came the website, followed by eNewsletters and podcasts, and right behind them were video and social media. It’s been a rapid addition of platforms in an incredibly short period of time, which has forced many publications to make difficult transitions in order to meet their audiences’ needs for quality content in each area. Snips is no exception.

Our audience told us last year that print is still the way most of you prefer to read Snips, but that online outlets like our digital edition, eNewsletter and website are equally important. However, the content used in those outlets has been a near-exact replica of the print edition despite the huge variety of options available to us with digital media.

There will be a number of changes starting with the September issue, and those changes will be seen sooner by everyone who visits or who receives our newsletter. Some changes will be small, but others will be large—the largest of which will be our new editor.

Michael McConnell was named the editor of Snips in 2003, and the magazine wouldn’t be what it is today without his leadership and dedication to the industry he served. He was well liked and will be missed. Snips has a history of editors who serve long-term, and changes like these can be difficult, especially in the beginning. But all of these changes mean one thing: We’re upping our game when it comes to our digital and online content.

None of this is to say that we’re going to shortchange print. You can continue to expect great content each month in that format. These changes simply mean that we believe you should get what you want, and most of you want more online content that helps you to better do your jobs and to better run your businesses. There are very few limits when it comes to what we can do online. Our goal is to use that capability to better serve you.

Thank you for your continuing readership of Snips. We believe that much will be answered in the next few weeks, but please reach out to us with any questions or concerns you might have before then.


Sarah Harding

Group Publisher

June poll results   

The White House has decided to include Canada and Mexico in its steel and aluminum tariffs. Both countries have retaliated with tariffs on U.S. products. What’s your opinion of this decision?

snips poll

Orange: It’s the right move. They both take advantage of U.S. trade policy.

Green: It’s a bad idea. Both countries are longtime allies and trade partners. Using Canadian or Mexican steel doesn’t present any security concerns, and retaliatory tariffs will hurt American farmers and manufacturers.

Yellow: I don’t know.